Who are we?

Anna - Well, I'm Anna Cabré-Verdiell Bosch and this is Charlotte.

Charlotte - ...Arnold. I have a surname as well. Granted not two fancy ones like you, but I do have one. 

Anyway, together we are the palindromic, leeds based dance-theatre duo ACCA.

How did we get together?


C - We met during our degree at the Northern School of Contemporary Dance many moons ago. We argue a lot about whether there was a rivalry between us to begin with… I say not, but Anna is convinced that there was. At some point we must have become friends, although I couldn’t tell you how or when that happened.


A - A while after graduating, we fell towards each other as two creatives who like thinking, writing and moving. We wanted to invest in our practice by giving ourselves time to play and things started to happen. It sounds a bit like a rom-com, but before we knew it we’d jumped into the collaborative bed together.

What do we do?

A - We join forces; we put our bodies and brains together to explore, try things out and - eventually - come up with some stuff worth coming up with. Since we started formally collaborating at the start of 2020, Charlotte Arnold and myself have created three works: Occupational Hazard, ACCA Danst and EVEvolution.

C - Thanks for using my surname there. Sounds very formal! 

Alongside sharing the studio together, we're both into words. You can have a peek into our blog which is just one click away or check out Artychoke Zine, an online magazine devoted to the arts as a means OF&FOR resistance that we have co-created and now co-edit together. 


What do we like about the other?


C - Anna, with her brown eyes and dark fringe is fiercely Catalan which is the complete opposite of myself - a pale woman from somewhere in the English countryside. Anna is a thoughtful, intelligent woman who is unafraid to tell me her opinion and will always question mine. It’s easy to work together. Very minimal effort, which I like, because I’m quite a low maintenance person.


A - What I most like about Charlotte Ellen Arnold - first, middle and surname only for your pleasure! - is how  trustworthy she is; I trust her to proof read my stuff, to lift me up in the air, to stop me from obsessing, to be by my side on stage and out of it, to offer frank opinions and bad jokes. I trust her because even though I did not like her right away, she persevered until I did; a lot.