Occupational Hazard (2020)

Images - Alison Grace

Occupational Hazard is a 15 minutes dance-theatre sketch which attempts to examine those innocuous behaviours which are perhaps not so innocent. Easily escalating into something else; something unexpected, unwelcome and difficult to overcome.

Stemming from explorations into consent, sexual fantasies and objectification, Occupational Hazard is a journey that walks the fine line between suggestive and unsolicited. In the midst of the current feminist effervescence, thanks to movements such as #metoo, Occupational Hazard focuses on non verbal language - the way we sometimes use it and the interpretations that it can awaken.

A digital version of Occupational Hazard was recently selected for Flock Fest 2020. 

Approximate running time - 15 minutes

Performed and Devised by Anna Cabré & Charlotte Arnold

Voice work and Sound arrangements - Luke Wilson

Many thanks to The Dance Studio Leeds, Seven Arts, Open Source Arts and Yorkshire Dance for their support.

Video - Alison Grace / Editing - Charlotte Arnold / Music - Bad Guy by Billie Eilish